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What Did You Buy Today (for The Smaller Stuff)


Oakley Expert
Halifax, NS Canada
The rest of my order came in today. The glasses came with a flawed case so Oakley sent me an Ellipse O Case as a replacement. Radar EV Odyssey Collection with an extra Prizm Dark Golf lens and the bag was also free at the time. Used a couple coupon codes too so it was a great price for everything.


Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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Oakley Expert
Tijuana BC Mexico
This weekend buys, i got a NIB ,Matte Black Flak 2.0 XL whit Prizm Deep Water Polarized, i already have this same pair but in not so great shape, now i can use the "beater" pair and not worry if something happens to them.

I got a Shadow color Cargo Seam Pant, a Mark II Blackout/Camo L/S Tee, a 2 pack of Striped Socks, a Oakley USA Lens Cleaning Kit, 2 sets of Batwolf Icons, and a Caki 🤔 Jacket whit Skulls Icons, it also have Skulls in the inside Lining.

Here is some pictures.