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My boss actually asked me...

"Can you dig it with a shovel or do you need a crew?"

...dude I literally told him, "hell, YOU could but I don't think you'd want to, you think I want to?" He said he'd send a crew. Unbelievable 🤦‍♂️
Or when they call during a restoration and ask how things are going and if you need anything. You tell them a large pepperoni would be nice. They laugh and it goes to dead silence. And you think in your head 'fudging idiot'

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Another reason for selling some of my nicer pieces. My brother picked me up a laptop and I traded him my Hp Pavillion For this MSI. Same specs, except for the i7 Processor instead of the i5. And got my “Ringo Was A Star” dyed etching right above my desk space. I know, I know, I need new glass for it lol. Kinda motivates me for some reason.

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