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If you have a canine dog, let us know what breed it is (and their name)!

That way, we know which house NOT to break into when we come for your Oakleys!!!

(in alphabetical order of owners)

  1. @Beardo0628 - Yorkie #1 (Rockee), Yorkie #2 (Moose), Cockapoo (Sandee)
  2. @headpatrolman - Doberman Pinscher (Tiki - 9 yo)
  3. @Hoss16 - Yorkie (Rascal)
  4. @Jmgarcia - Maltese (Yo-yo-yay)
  5. @Jon the Don - Racing Jackets Gen 2 Alaskan Shepherds (Ghost, Teddy)
  6. @Rick58 - American Staffordshire Terrier (Tin-Tin), Pit/Boxer mix (Lieu)
  7. @SoonerChris - Maltese (Lucy), Shih Tzu (Daisy)
  8. @supersharp - American Pit Bull terrier (Lola), Lab mix (Tank), Pit mix (Chuy)
  9. @THEGROUNDPOUNDER99 - Lab-Chi (Cane)
  10. @Wavecloud - "Feral street dog" (Baz)
(P.S. Yes. Occasionally I do requests @Tomtucker!!)

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