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  1. SiRacer420

    SiRacer420 I've got a few Oakleys Premium Member Lifetime Member

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    The wife and I are going on our honeymoon next week. She's never seen snow so we're going to gatlinburg and getting a cabin. She has signed us up to go skiing. Something neither of us has ever done so this should be interesting. The first thing I thought was "Snap! I can buy some new oaks!"

    So, knowing that I'll likely use them once, what goggles should I get? I'll probably hit the vault store in the Tanger outlet up there.
    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. Oakle y

    Oakle y Something Something Darkside Premium Member Lifetime Member

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    I own 4 different pairs of Oakley goggles my favorite hands down are the airbrakes. They are comfortable to wear all day, the ability to swap lenses is amazingly quick and easy as compared to some other frames. They seem to be on the vault site starting at $150.

    Also congrats on the marriage and pending honeymoon, have fun.
  3. the_owl

    the_owl Oakley Expert

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    Airbrakes are nice. Just get an Airwave and be done with it :D
  4. Oakley for life

    Oakley for life Oakley Expert

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    If you are just going once, then maybe get the O2 XL as that is in the middle of their line up and not too expensive. If you don't get about price then get the Airbrakes!! I have an Airbrake and a Flight Deck, both are nice, but I would lean toward the Airbrake!!