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What is a good pair of snowboard goggles?


Oakley Beginner

I’m not sure if googles are considered sunglasses. Does anyone know which googles are good for snowboarding?

I love Flightdecks. HUGE field of vision.

I recommend Torch and Prizm Snow lenses.


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I prefer Canopys and Airbrakes, but Flight decks are good too. If you use helmet then try it out with the goggles to see which fit the best. Prizm Rose is the best general purpose lens, Prizm Jade, Torch and Sapphire are about the same and work in most conditions too. Prizm black is great for very bright days, but imho not as versatile as the others.

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Like my brother @NoFair said, try them with your helmet and figure out what you like.

P.S. I'm wearing a Flightdeck in my avatar.
The guys above are the connoisseurs, but I'll add another vote for Canopy & Torch Prizm Snow.
Super versatile on a long weekend where it was a bright AF bluebird day, an overcast and a halfway whiteout day. Lens tint and coverage performance were great all 3 days.
Thanks guys! torch prizm snow it is!

I'll take my helmet and see which goggles fit best.

Are all oakley goggles designed well enough to not fog and ice up?

The only Oakley goggle that has ever iced up was a Splice at Mt. Bachelor, Oregon

4 degrees Fahrenheit with Rime Ice. The inside of the goggle froze.

My Flightdeck survived -37 degree windchill and -16 ambient air temp in Whitefish, Montana this season, without any issues.