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What is the Best Oakley Sunglasses for driving?

Chris Nardone

Oakley Beginner
I am not sure if you are asking about driving a car or riding a bicycle. but I'll answer assuming you are asking about bicycling on the road, not mountain biking.
Just about the whole Radar family can be seen on the Tour de France right now. I've also seen more than a few riders with the Jawbreaker. There are are many different lenses in use. Not just Prism Road. I know I have specifically seen several riders with Blue Frames / lenses combinations (Sapphire Iridium maybe?). Lastly, I have not specifically seen them during this TdF, I am sure some riders are still using Racing Jackets

I went with Flak 2.0 myself as I wanted a pair that could be worn off bike as well. They give me enough coverage that I can ride down into the 30's without the cold & wind affecting my eyes. In my research, I found that the coverage of the Flak Jacket XLJ was 50/50. Not everyone felt like there was enough coverage.


X Metal Workshop
driving... bike riders... wind/dust safeguard.... sounds to me you're looking for a solution for motorbikes on highway? If that's the case, get yourself a Wind Jacket ( O-Review )


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Pretty much wired.
Love my Windjacket!
They're best at keeping dust and grit out of your eyeballs.
The eye gasket (can be ordered separately) is easily removeable and also works with the Split Jacket.

If that's not an option for you, Straight Jackets (New) work almost as well and are easier to find.

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