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What is this? Newbie question...


Oakley Beginner
First of all let me say hello. I've always loved Oakley and just found this site. I just picked these up on LetGo and can't really find any info on them and I was wondering if you guys could help me out. I know they are Radarlocks but what is the set called? Everything is brand new. I'm pretty sure I did ok for $75. Thanks in advance!



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The whole thing is fake.

• the case is shaped weird
• the microfiber bag is too big
• radarlocks typically come with one extra set of lenses, certain pairs may have 2/3 but not 4
• lenses aren't wrapped in plastic like that when they are additional with the glasses
• the strap is way off
• the icon has a metal flake paint job, not OEM

Did I miss anything?

They are very good fakes though. What does the label on the box say? Can you post a pic of that?

The case is shaped fine, bad angle on the pic. There is actually no label on the box at all. The serial number doesn't come off when rubbed. I was curious about so many lenses which is why I couldn't find any info on them. I'm not arguing that they are fake I just want to know what makes them fake so I know for next time. I guess $75 is a small price to pay for a lesson.

You could've have defiantly done worse..as stated they're good fakes..people have been taking with far worse,I'm sure