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Needed to ask this question here as you guys would be knowledgeable in this matter.

I recently purchased Triggerman off Amazon. Wanted a case for it, saw a one for a better price on I go ahead and sign up, first time using the site.

I fill out my shipping address; it auto corrected when I typed in "### - ### Street Name" moving my apartment number to the line below, whatever its there. Move on and typed in my credit card info, click next. It then immediately places the order, doesn't allow me to review it.

I get the email with the order number to see my apartment number is omitted from the shipping and billing address...wth!

So I wait until the next day to call in the morning. The Rep says she can't add the apartment number or even cancel the order?!?! (Who designed this system?) She tells me to wait until it ships then contact DHL, lol....

Anyways, that was 5xdays ago, the order is still in process, the estimated date was extended. I don't think it'll even ship....Terrible site in general. Glad I only ordered a case.

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Last time I ordered something from their site it all got cancelled except a few Batwolf icons it was like a 250 order and I got $33 worth of it the rest was out of stock. Well they charged me 3 different times for the remaining balance of $217 and then put it back afterwards the last time it happened it overdrew my bank account. Needless to say I was pissed and haven’t ordered off since


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It keeps auto correcting my Office address. To the point where I had to use my home address.
I ordered RJ icons and socks, icons never made it.


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It has been a long time since they had anything worthwhile on that site

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