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What makes Oakley eyewear so good?

That's Lance, the lifeguard. He see's everything. But can he see why kids love Cinnamon Toast Crunch?

"It's got, uhh, tan lines?"

Dude, there's cinnamon swirls in every bite! Mmm!

(A tasty part of this balanced breakfast)

"I see that"

Riiiight....Cinnamon Toast Crunch: The taste you can see!

#1 they are the only glasses that have perfect lenses without distortion.
#2 the lenses are extremely strong and may at some point save your eyes rather than shattering and making you blind.

There are about 800 other things but in my opinion those are the 2 most important reasons to buy Oakley (unless you like fatigue, headaches, missing fly balls, being blind, etc).

As implied Oakley has the best polycarbonate based lenses out there in terms of clarity and being shatter proof. Oakley is still the king of sports lenses, until Trivex gains in popularity and overtakes polycarbonate that is. O Matter is super durable and comfortable as well. Glasses are getting more supple, whether it be less O Matter in each frame or a new blend of it, but they are light and wearable for long durables without it being too hard on the nose bridge.

Plus they have distinctive designs. Jaw Breaker, Racing Jacket, Radar and their various sporting frames stand out compared to everything else out there.

All the reasons stated are exactly why I see no point in aftermarket lenses. Oh i slung a rod in my Ferrari 360? Let's small block it. The 350 is almost as good right?

Back on topic!

Because you can't buy 5 dollar sunglasses at the gas station that look like these!
Oakley has always made crazy cool frames that no one else would even attempt to make. Look at the X-Metals, who else makes something like that? No one!