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What Oakleys Are These?


Oakley Beginner
Hi Guys,

I've had a few pairs of oakleys in the past. X_metals which I loved but sold as they looked great in the box but terrible on my face, some frameless ones (why 2.0s I think??) and my all time favourite pair which I must have got back in the early 90s. I love these glasses but I have no idea what model they are. Normally not a problem but Ive noticed over the last year or two that the laminate on the interior of the lense has started to flake away and its causing a distraction while I've got them on. When I bought them I remember the salesmen telling me that the Gold lenses were the same type as the NASA astronauts used on their visors. Might be salesman BS but it sounded good :)

So I've got two questions really: What model are they and wheres the best place to go to to get replacement lenses? Photos below:

photo by stuartjross, on Flickr

photo2 by stuartjross, on Flickr

photo3 by stuartjross, on Flickr

Thanks in advance guys


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