Let’s hug it out buddy 😡
Hey bro. Welcome back. Who are you trying to cheat these days? Have you paid back people you've ripped off?

Are you still up to your old tricks by threatening people with lawsuits?

1. @Kashton/Don conn - Has not paid @THE X-MAN for work done. His username on eBay is "srogers75"

Beware!!!! As of 12th January, he's trying to sell an iPhone Max or a Samsung Note 9 on youtube!!

Also goes by the name of "Don Conn", "David Kashton", "Kashton".

Oakley Forum Threads About Him

Beware of a scammer named Don Conn
Hello O Fourm members, Full Disclosre this is just a Fair warning trying to help stop other members here from getting scammed. So lately I’ve been trying to get a small collection going, I’ve been on the Facebook groups made a few purchases because I don’t have enough rep on here to buy yet...


I’ve gotten lots of X Metals as of late. Check out these!!
check out these copper Juliet blue OEM Oakley Rubbers and some other sets with custom rubbers on them. XS fit

See here for his bad watch deals. There were a few threads on O.F. that got nuked by the mods...


Deal Gone Very Bad with Don Conn aka DCJ - Watch Freeks

He tried to sell some of his stuff on other Oakley FaceBook sites, but when called out, also got banned when the mods checked out the story.

To be fair, he insists that he isn't the same guy (see picture below) as the person that shafted all those people with bad watch and Oakley deals.

You make up your mind.


* "runors" = "rumours" (English)
* "f.uck" = swearword that makes you sound super tough
*I didn't get banned by the facebook sites after he "reported me".
*I admit it. I am a "f.ucking *******"

And let’s not forget he also killed his mom and there’s also rumours that he married his sister.

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A new Terminator film is about to drop and a post of Josh appears here, a coincidence?

I am not so sure.....🤔
I have been busy filming. Yes!!!!

Finally getting through the busy season at work and into “normal” working hours.

I also forgot to grab my fire Splice before I left the house, I was gonna rock them after seeing your emeralds!!!

British Open on now....everyone go to your TV’s and watch GOLF!!!