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What Oakleys Are You Wearing Today??


“This is the way”
Fuse Fusion for sure. It’s not quite the same, I find it a bit yellow-er. @Rick58 do you agree?

fun random fact, this is my 1000th post. I’m curious if anything will happen…. 😜 I know Boss has hidden some bonus features that unlock at certain points….

@MinC13 @Rick58 Fuse Fusion (Feedback) vs Fuse Sapphire (Minute 2.0)

Net Net: I find Fuse Fusion lenses to be more pale, which is similar to Oakley Emerald Iridium. I think it is a bit yellow-er than Oakley Emerald.
On the other hand, Fuse Sapphire is very beautiful and has a good amount of green and yellow… it’s just a bit more vibrant. And of course it has a bit of blue and purple as well, when turned in the light.

Fuse has minor variations in color for their Sapphire lenses. I assume it’s just different batches or changes they have made over the years.

I hope that helps. I could also take some photos side-by-side with Oakley sapphire, or other lenses.

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