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What Oakleys Are You Wearing Today??


Love em R1s
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Strip town

Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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Mail call! A special shout out to @Mr.Awesomeness! For the killer set of Mars! The stickers, note pad, and brand new Red vault!!! You went above and beyond my friend, and I can't thank you enough!!! I absolutely love em!

I also want to thank the dude in Venezuela I bought the serialized XX frames from. I actually purchased them off the bay, and I feel like I got a great deal, and they arrived in very, very good shape! No lenses, but luckily I had a couple of sets laying around so installed a set. Came out pretty good I think.....

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Moving up in the world quick!


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West Michigan
Man it's been a day. Met up with a fellow rep who wanted a selfie after he handed off materials I would need for the Maine jobs.


Got to the RayBan store , unfortunately wasn't able to get those stripped screw out, seems like the screw material is some really weak metal that even the easy out bit was stripping it further rather than getting a bite on it and turning it out. I know I would not have that problem with stainless steel screws or even brass but displays use the cheaper stuff sometimes. Hence why you shouldn't be using power tools on retail displays most of the time, just asking for trouble.

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