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What Oakleys Are You Wearing Today??

Many thanks to @Fitchy716 for passing these bad boys on to me.

OD Custom Pit Boss 2 (I understand it’s been painted in RAPCO Field Drab and RAPCO Lusterless WWII Green with Linegear lenses).

Side question. These were purchased a couple years ago here on the forum but the original owner and/or customizer’s name has been lost with time. Anyone recognize em?

A bit of light box love as I had the time 🪖👍


From what I understand the black multican are limited? Should I be wearing them? I like these better than my Gibstons...
Only you know....

I wear all my Oakleys. From the beaters for 40.00 up to the almost impossible to replace Mars I have. But I buy em for the pure enjoyment of wearing...not as an investment per se. To each their own! 🪖👍