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What other cases can hold X metals?

My wife is looking for the most compact soft vault for her half x. Also, (as an oakley newbie) how do i know the case size when looking on the bay?


I use this one that I pryed the plastic parts out of. Works like a champ.

Haha, that is awesome man! That way you keep the foam! Hadn't thought of that! But for the OP that case comes without the foam and stuff, just a plain hollow case. Juliets, Mars, Penny, R2, Half X should all fit in there. R1 is too big I'm afraid...
I needed a case to take with me skiing this year and couldn't find a ready made, so I improvised.

Locking for an Half-X Case, as small as possible but stable enough to carry in suitcase.
Here is a link to the exchange guidelines, looks like you haven't been a member quite long enough yet. Why not purchase a premium membership to show support for the forum and get instant access to the exchange section? Otherwise your best bet would be to look the bay. These can still be found for a reasonable price. Good luck, I hope you find what you are looking for soon!