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What should I buy

Few follow up questions to help you find the right answer:

1. Do you already have a 226?

2. What other acessories do you need for it (extra magazines? Holster? Gun belt? Mag carrier?)

3. Do you have other 9mm handguns to fill the role you want for this one?

4. Do you already have other 9mms and don't require extra ammo for the 226, if you go this route?

I am with OakleyFrankFMJ on this one. You want the watch and the gun. Chances are you will be able to find another 226 easier than the hollowpoint.

Or.... Just get them both;)

The 226 I'm looking at is a .40. My 9mm is currently a hk compact. I'll have to see what I can snag a hollow point for.

I have a few .40s. Any particular reason you are looking at that caliber?

Every department I've applied to uses mostly .40. About half require you to have your own. I like my .45 personally.

I wish I was issued a .40 most near me have 9mm "poodle shooters". As for the topic, get the watch while you can I suppose