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What Sports Did Oakley Assist You In Today?


Oakley Beginner
So I guess a lot of you guys use your Oakleys for sports but we don't see much of that. Here is your opportunity to show off what you did today to stay fit or have fun...and how Oakley helped you do it better. List your activities here and don't forget: Without pictures it didn't happen! :)

So let's see some shots of you and your O-gear from the trails, greens, forrests, the sea, air, anywhere....

And again....NO PICS - NO PROOF :laugh:

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Oakley Beginner
I will of course start out my self.

Decided today to do a lunchbreak mountainbikeride. Currently I work mostly from a homeoffice and I live very close to a nice and easy trail. Today was a really wet and cold day in Denmark, so it was with Goretex and long singletrack pants on.

Oakley gear used today:

- Jawbone custom Team Navy Blue frame, Team Light Blue jaws, white thrubolts and earsocks, and High Intensity Yellow lenses (the Jupiter Camo special edition lenses).
- Oakley Blue Factory Pilot Gloves


Man I needed a shower before returning to my office and work. Lunchbreakrides is greatly recommended - great way to be ready for the rest of the workday.


The Crawling Chaos
Premium Member
Mesa, AZ
I went on a Thanksgiving ride here up a local mountain that I haven't been up since I was in High School. I sucked, cat 2 climb, but it was awesome to make up up there with my newly puchased pro racing jackets.


Oakley Enthusiast
I really need to start doing pictures! No one has seen my collection and now i have this?! anyways, i wore a pair of silver/+red iridium jawbones on my ride today...for my sport specific glasses, i do NOT own any of them! My local bike shop just lets me use a pair or two whenever i want (i try to sneak more) but of course i give them back at the end of the day. @Mikkelf, don't take me as a phony!! lol


Oakley Collector
Luton UK
Talk about took the pic just as we jumped out!! lol Wicked pic!

Mine helped me walk from my front door to my car which was parked about 10 ft away! lol