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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by dymondo, 8/30/11.

  1. dymondo


    i have my yearly allowance from work which has gone on Oakleys every year and after missing out on a pair of Ducati Pitboss i'm torn as to what to purchase. collectable or wearable.

    i have pitboss 03-303 and want something a little moe comfortable as i have a fat head.
    i have tried on a pair of the 2011 c-wire (Black with Red Iridium if you must know) and feel quite taken with them as the crosshair 2.0 are nice but could be nicer. Splinters are just too heavy and uncomfortable and i have had juliets.

    ideally i'd love something with the original Ruby Iridium but its unavailable.

    Help me Decide PLEASE!!!!!

    Many Hopeful Thanks,


    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. S-works


    Echelon Jawbone or Radar... the Ruby Iridium Transition lenses absolutely kicks ass!!

  3. SpliceD


    What kinda work gives you a yearly allowance to let you buy Oakleys? Or is it a vision/health plan?

    Are you only allowed to buy one pair? Or can you use the entire amount on multiple pairs?

    If your head is already big for the Pit Boss, maybe you should look into the Eyepatch 2, Oil Rig, Hijinx, Antix, Probation, Inmate. I'm just listing the larger frames Oakley has to offer.

  4. dymondo


    i work for a vision Express in England - One Purchase a year upto £550

  5. dymondo


    anyone know if the plantiff is any good? not had any in my stock yet.

    i also get 1x75% Off voucher, 2x50% off Vouchers and 5x20% Off

  6. Razerwire


    I love my 2011 C-Wire. I have the Lead with Ice Iridium. The monoshock hinges are wonderful.

  7. bigdog425


    The curved lens on the plaintiff really bugged me when I wore them for some time.

  8. S-works


    I like the design of the Plaintiff, but my gripe with it is the ear-stems lack unobtanium ear-socks, for me they tend to slip or don't feel as secured.

    good alternative for aviator style will be the Inmate

  9. Oakley_Sight


    Get the C-Six LOL........... Jawbone or Split Jacket or Fast Jacket OR X-Square's

  10. Jim FactoryPilot Barker

    Jim FactoryPilot Barker

    when ever i wear Wires i just feel let down that they arent x metal, just doesnt feel right to me these days, feels like they're made out of crap bendy alloy! X Squared X Metal/Ruby (or Polished Carbon/Black if you're into black) its the only thing worth investing in from the current oakley line up right now! unless you want some plastic sports sunnies, Split Jackets i like, they are like a breath of fresh air after a day wearing PitBoss lol i also have a big head. Echelons are nice if you like Radars or Jawbones, Scalpels are awesome for larger heads, everything else is a bit blah common you know what i mean? every man and his dog wear Hijinx and Gascans around town on a saturday..... so i guess if i had 550, id go a pair of X Squared and a pair of Scalpels and blow the leftovers on accessories ;)

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