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  1. wittchow.evan

    wittchow.evan Oakley Beginner

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    I bought my midnight black minute oakley's that are polarized for 200 2 years ago. What should i sell them for if they are like new ?
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  2. qBan

    qBan The Hijinxer

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    $50... jk... read around the forum and familiarize yourself and then visit the exchange section... good luck and welcome
  3. Eckstream1

    Eckstream1 Addicted to O

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    Condition (like anything) will dictate price...

    Do you have the original box, bag and paperwork? What color are the frames and lenses? Different color combos are more desirable and bring higher prices than less desirable combos....

    It's best to post up a pic as well...

    Good luck with the sale!

    Oh... Please take the time to introduce yourself in the introduction section :cool:
  4. the piper

    the piper Oakley Collector

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    are these 1.0 Minutes? If they are the metallic black 2.0 I dont think 100 on ebay is out of the ? for Polarized if they have box and inserts...I sold an extra non Polar 2.0 for 60 a few weeks ago...I try to beat Ebay's cheapest by 10 dollars at least on the forum but my Tribal and 10W40 Md and collectible stuff that commands more now is long gone