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What Was Your First Pair, Or What Got You Hooked On Oakley


The Crawling Chaos
Premium Member
Mesa, AZ
For me it was the Blade, with the thermonuclear protection ads that I saw in cycling mags when I was in high school. I don't have my blade lenses but I do have the original fire iridium razor blade lens.

when i first saw the OTT in a ski shop when i was super young, but i had no clue they were oakleys, i just always wanted those, the gascan was my first pair, and have been hooked since.
I had always loved Oakley as a kid (I was born in 1979 so I was a teen as the company was really coming to prominence in the mid 1990's). My first Oakley's were a pair of Zero's I found (these: The Oakley Review - Glasses ) lying literally in the sand on the beach one day in 1999. I ran over those with my car in Summer 2000, defected to Gargoyles for awhile due to price, then came back to Oakley with a pair of Black with Fire Half Jackets in 2002 which I bought new for $85 and couldn't believe I was spending that much on a pair of glasses. What truly got me hooked however was when I finally took the leap and purchased a pair of Juliets-Plasma with Ice for $205 new (seemed like a ridiculous sum of money...course they retailed for only $300 at the time) in 2005. Since then I've cycled dozens of models in and out of my collection but my core is now built:

XX 24k
Juliet Polished Fire Pol
Juliet Titanium Ice and blue rubber (100% custom build)
X Squared Polished Carbon with Ducati rubber and VR28 Pol (100% custom build)
Tron Pit Boss

In addition the collection now has a Clear with Ice Batwolf and a Polished White with OO Black Iridium Pol, Ice, Persimmon with blue earsocks Split Jacket (custom build) which of those two I doubt the Batwolf is going anywhere.

All I know is its Oakley all the way and for the rest of my life---simply some of the greatest creations ever.
Here is my first pair. I love that i found them buried after so many years. It really takes me back. I had these first, then i "lost them" and got a green set. I luckily located the "lost" ones almost 20 years later. They are pretty rough but they are the real thing and wore em proud back in 1992-1994.

I bought my first pair of Mumbos in the late 80's. Then of course I lost them. At that time I refused to buy another pair because they cost too damn much....... In 1995 I started buying the gargoyles with interchangable lenses, big mistake and long story..... I purchased a pair of M Frames around 1995, then I got hooked on half jackets. A friend of mine bought a pair of polished juliets with blue iridium lenses.....Didn't like them and gave them to me. Like an idiot I sold them. From then on I started collecting a few pairs until it became a sickness....You know what I mean....