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What xmetal trade did you REGRET?


I should Work at Oakley
Would like to hear your sob trade stories


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None, because I never trade any of them, muwhahahahahaha! But seriously, I have some weird attachment to every pair at the moment... It's probably not healthy...

does it have to be a trade?

sold not one, but two pairs of 24k juliets BNIB for only $700 each. did not keep one for myself. :(

i think it will be pretty hard to top that. lol.

Ding ding ding winner!!!

But at a MSRP of $450, I'm sure it seemed like a good deal at the time... :hi:

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm luckily none yet. OWE I MISSED ON A 24KS FOR 1K seems high but that's the lowest ive seen so far.

Sold a Copper Penny to a friend and realized that I did care about them- and just traded @LostinOhio for a different pair.
Just something about that design in Copper.