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Sold Whats it going to take to make a deal?

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Username Hidden said:

What up guys, and gals! I've been kicking around wanting to trade my Juliet's for a min now, and I've decided to see if there's any interest, but if not then that'll be ok too 😁

What I offering Is my custom ti02 themed Juliet's, that started life as a Polished Juliet, (no serial). @zwc0442 did the refinish work, and they look amazing! There are no scratches, dings, or otherwise on the finish what so ever. When Zach did the finish work, he also installed new screws, and gaskets, as well as put a fresh tune on the nose bridge, but it has some flex to it, not to loose, not to tight. The right side is slightly looser than the left. I currently have a set of Revant midnight sun polarized lenses installed, but this is primarily a deal for the frame since I have no oem lenses to offer. The rubbers are aftermarket as well, so just be aware.

All in all I have $450 in this pair, that's just the cost of the frame, and the finish work, not the lenses, I'm just going to throw those in, along with some other sets. I have no idea what brand they are, as they were gifted to me by a friend, however, they aren't anything special, but they are scratch free, and polarized to the best of my knowledge 🤷‍♂️. I have no box, no coin, only a microfiber bag.

What I'm looking for is a PB1 in really good condition. Color doesn't matter, just want a decent frame that hasn't been beat to death, and ran over by someone's ex. Arms need to be tight, and what not.

To sweeten the pot for a PB1 or PB2, I will include a user gen 1 valve in midnight blue/black iridium lenses, and possibly some cash to get this done!!!

These are in used condition, but still in excellent condition. There are a couple of skuffs on both arms, (circled in the pics), and one tiny skuff on the right orbital that I couldn't catch with my camera. The lenses are black iridium, non-polarized, no scratches or marks that I could see, plus I'll throw in a set of blue polarized ikon lenses that are also new, and only mounted once, with no scratches or marks what so ever. I bought these glasses from a member here, paid way to much, but I'll value these, at a loss, for $100 bucks, I paid $40 for the blue lenses, but they are just a bonus to who ever wants to make this deal 😁
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valve gen 1 included for PB1 only!!!!

Would also consider a trade for an X-metal R2 in excellent condition, but only after I see if I can aquire the PB1 first.

Might even consider a PB2 depending on condition and colorway

If this I something you might consider, please feel free to message me with any questions you may have, and we can work out the logistics. I would prefer to deal with well established members, but if you are relatively new, I will consider dealing with you, just understand I will adk that you ship first, and I'll ship after.
More pics can also be sent upon request. *be aware, I currently have the hammers installed on my Mars, but will reinstall when deal is made. Not going to swap em back if no one responds.

Anyway, thank you all for your time and consideration! Have an awesomely blessed day!!! 👊😁

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Older pics below 👇👇👇

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*** I would really like to make a deal for a pitboss, so I'm willing to discuss any proposal you might have via dm's please ***
Good luck amigo! I truly hope that things work out for you, take care!
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Username Hidden said:
Good luck amigo! I truly hope that things work out for you, take care!
Thank you my friend, I appreciate you! 👊😁
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