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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by MadmanCheese, 12/16/18.

  1. MadmanCheese


    Searching on IG I find a lot of fakes coming specifically from Brazil.

    Can someone enlighten me on why there's SO MANY fakes from there?

    Obviously I would NEVER deal with anyone from Brazil.
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  2. Tomtucker


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  3. Jakeracefox

    Jakeracefox Premium Member

    Are those al fake too? Not that I would care!

  4. Tomtucker


    according to the youtube comments that is why they are fighting......:D
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  5. Jakeracefox

    Jakeracefox Premium Member

    Haha haha

  6. flyer


    Better than WWE!
    Nothing wrong with fakes, so long as you know what you're buying...or renting :blush:

  7. Andre-v8


    I live in Brazil and I know there is a lot of fakes for sale here.
    The main reason, talking about X Metals, is because the now famous Funk singers always use Oakley X Metals, specially Juliet’s, Medusas and some other rare products.
    I don’t know any fake factory here, they are all coming from China and since US$ are very expensive here the young fans of these “celebrities” expend their hard worked money on cheap, grotesque fakes...
    I don’t like these fashionism, I collect Oakley’s since before this all and now, when I use my XX, there is always somebody that says “Nice Juliets”
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  8. Yamahaexup

    Yamahaexup Premium Member

    I don't really understand the concept of fakes or the people who wear them. I'm not even a fan of aftermarket lenses as the lenses were why I bought Oakleys in the first place (although I do occasionally use them if I must) Oakley have taken sunglasses way beyond where sunglasses were in the 60's & 70's & have a cult following so have become more of a fashion accessory to some people rather than shades.

  9. MadmanCheese


    i can understand the draw to the oakley style but dang it pains me when people spend their money on a fake. which keeps the fake biz going. fakes dont have the same safety so it could be potentially damaging as well.

  10. Yamahaexup

    Yamahaexup Premium Member

    We have been in Spain for the last few weeks the lookylooky men have barrowloads of fake sunglasses for 5 euros a pair I wouldn't touch am with a barge pole

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