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  1. Herbsley

    Herbsley Royal Duke of Hijinx

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    As an antidote to the potentially Debbie Downer 'Oakley Disappointments' thread I started today, I also had a think about the times when an Oakley product pleasantly surprised me - by either being better in real life than I'd thought it would be, or just impressing me sufficiently to make me go ". . . . Huh".

    For example, Oakley Customer Service is pretty darned good. They have gone out of their way on a few occasions to help me (and one of my friends) out. We've probably all got similar stories to share.

    But what about surprise on a personal level? That's what I'm talking about. There's obviously quite a lot of Oakley product out there that you just know is going to be awesome, and indeed it is when you receive it. Most of the old skool X-Metal range for example.

    But there's also stuff that you DIDN'T expect to be so awesome - that then surprised you by piquing your interest, biting your wallet and never letting go.

    For me, it's . . . .

    The main one here for me is Dispatch 1.
    I used to rib people mercilessly on this - that it was such a massive frame that they needed windscreen wipers on. I felt like I was on 'Land of the Giants' when I tried one on, etc.
    Then I bought one . . . . and loved it . . . . and bought another . . . . and another . . . . and on it goes.
    Humble Pie anyone?

    More recently, I have to hold my hands up and say I was pleasantly surprised by the Madman I recently bought. I know - boo hiss, right? After all the flak given to this frame (some of it by me after trying it on in a store when it was released), I picked one up for a great price and was expecting it to just sit in the collection and never get used. But, to its credit, it's getting some face-time. It's not that bad ya know. Get over the whole 'X-Metal' misnomer, put your head into O-luminium Mode, and you too might give it a chance.
    Oh. But not at RRP. What? Are you crazy? haha

    Why did it take me so long to find out how comfortable Oakley boots and trainers are? This should be the first thing kids are taught at school. Put a pair on . . . . and prepare to be pleasantly surprised.

    I bought an X-Metal XX. That's awesome.
    I then went on a hunt to buy a Ti02 and a 24k.
    I bought them.
    I was pleasantly surprised to find that OMG THEY ARE EVEN MORE AWESOME.
    Please also see WITK Hijinx (and most of the Artist Series tbh).

    We've probably all got an example of this.
    The "Oh alright, I'll buy that colorway but probably swap out that lens" . . . . shortly followed by the "Woah, actually that lens is staying in! What other frames does that come in?"
    For me? OO BIP in the Eyepatch 2.
    Unfortunately of course, it does not come in any other frames suitable for my big bald noggin. But it was very much a pleasant surprise to drive home from the O-Store that day, loving the sh1t outta that lens.

    What about you guys? Any examples?
    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. Oakleynerd

    Oakleynerd Moderator Staff Member Premium Member

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    even with all the little problems i love the brand!!

    and sometimes the sunglasses too . . .
  3. OakleyFrankFMJ

    OakleyFrankFMJ The Legend - - Vlad the Impaler Premium Member Lifetime Member

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    It makes me so damn happy when I think I'm not gonna buy something and someone from Oakley calls me up and says they "have something ready to ship......send it?" And all I can do is say sure....ship it right away!

    Wait. Shouldn't that be in the grinds thread?

    Ok. Let's try this. The C-6 pleasantly surprised me. Everything about it. Even the lenses seemed like they were above the level compared to the same exact lenses in other pairs.

    Footwear? Oakley is all I wear. Doesn't matter what I'm doing. I like their footwear but then again. I'm biased.

    Sent from my closet while I'm staring at all the Oakley stuff
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  4. kronin323

    kronin323 Font of Useless Knowledge Premium Member

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    I had to think harder about this than I should have, but did come up with...

    My original 1st Oakleys, plasma / ice polar Juliets. Was killing some time and tried them on at a SGH; blew me away. Now I have 12...

    R2. They weren't super popular at the time of my 1st purchase and I got them really just filling in a blank on my way to at least one of each x-metal. Was really surprised by how comfortable they were, Now I have three...
    The same could be said for R1 but R2 pleasantly surprised me more.

    Tailend. Got them because I thought they looked cool and they weren't too expensive (relatively). Loved the coverage and lack of visual obstructions. Weight was nice, too. Got a 2nd one...

    Gascan. I know they're not as popular as their big brother Fuel Cell, but I got a pair of the 3D to use for movies and was pleasantly surprised by how well they fit me and comfortable they were. Maybe I'll get another pair with tinted lenses someday...

    Prizm Road. Prizm has received some criticism for having a small selection of polar options, high trans %s on some limiting their suitable light conditions, and light iridium on some not adequately hiding one's eyes. But Prizm Road has repeatedly impressed me with how beautiful the base tint is IMO, how it makes colors pop. Now I have two sets...

    The heavy winter jacket I got last fall when they shut down oakleyvault.com and everything was on clearance. Great fit, and surprisingly lightweight while warmer than other heavier jackets I have. I tend to layer up a lot during the winter, but with that jacket I didn't need all those underlayers.

    And finally, most recently, the new EV Zero. I was really on the fence with those but went ahead and picked up a pair. And I love them. Expect I'll get one or two more next F&F (because I just can't handle paying full MSRP when a little patience scores me a better deal)...
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  5. NoFair

    NoFair Oakley Expert

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    OO BIP: might never use BIP again, even more impressed with prizm daily, but I had hoped to be..

    X-metal finish: holds up great and I prefer the discrete color over the other options.

    Radars and Split Jackets; I hoped they'd be a slight improvement over my M frames and Half Jackets, but I really like them and rarely use the Half Jackets.

    How much better my Airbrakes are than my old A-frames :cool-20:
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  6. thisguy

    thisguy Oakley Expert

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    I always thought the best lens was one that did not change colors or provide contrast. When I tried VR28BI I was surprised by how much more detail you could see. It is very soothing also and sometimes seems darker than regular Black Iridium. Brown has also never really been one of my favorite colors but looking through Tungsten Iridium has changed my mind. I think it has more iridium compared to VR28BI which I like. The contrast with the brown base is also very pleasing to me. Along with Tungsten I recommend Gold Iridium.

    When I received my first Pit Boss 1 I was surprised also. Pictures can only show so much detail. Being able to hold the frames and rotate them to look at details at any angle you can appreciate the design. I love the aggresive look of the frame. The elite logo is amazing. The titanium plates add an element that puts them above regular sunglasses.
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  7. The Game

    The Game Oakley Enthusiast

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    Recently it was prizm daily, much better lens than I thought it would be.
  8. QLR1

    QLR1 I like it when you call me Q Premium Member

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    For me, the torch iridium polarized on the Carbon Shift has been a pleasant surprise. I trashed the torch iridium when I tried it in a Triggerman. It let in too much light... The polarized version isn't much better, but polarization cuts some of that glare.

    Carbon Shift is a pleasant surprise, just never thought I'd get a carbon anything that I liked. The Blade isn't too dear behind the Shift in my eyes.

    I'd never thought I'd be a fan of 24K Gold Iridium, but damn, that is one shiny lens... Bling, bling, blinding bling!

    And don't sleep on that Tungsten lens...

    Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
    Last edited: 4/11/16
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  9. Wavecloud

    Wavecloud Oakley Expert Premium Member

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    Triggerman and Tombstone - both well above my expectations :D
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  10. STavros

    STavros Land of the Gods and ....Molon Lave

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    Discontinuation of the watch collection.My wallet could not continue bleed more
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