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When is enough pairs enough?

When is enough pairs enough?

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It depends on what kind of collector you are and what you like. Personally, I want all of the xmetal SKUs complete for my "collection" I add cool one-offs and customized ones that I wear - R1, R2, XX, XS... maybe the occasional Juliet if I ever get back to fighting weight.

I was close to getting all elite logo glasses when I was trying to get rid of them and ended up buying them all when I landed a carbon c six and an indy PB.

For the o matters there are pairs I like and want to complete - Splice (damn you Kenseth!) then I am slowly picking up the mad-science era pairs, - Plate, valve, scar, etc.

I also like the omatters I wear, Hijinx, Eyepatch1/2- so I got the collectable ones of those- artist series, signature, LE, motorstports, oddities.

THEN - there is the one-offs that dont really belong, TI frogs, MVP series, MUZM, M-Ex.

I'm around 300 and it's a lot. Like a decent sized store (without a stockroom) a lot. ACtually come to think of it, there are likely less than 300 pairs on display at a regular store.
I’m probably around a couple hundred pairs. And I think I’ve reached my limit. :cool:🤙
Couple hundred my A$$ ... I've seen your thread buddy.... Maybe in zeros you have a couple hundred....
Couple hundred my A$$ ... I've seen your thread buddy.... Maybe in zeros you have a couple hundred....
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Lol. I wouldn’t lie about something so trivial as an eyeglass count. After getting ripped off by Trump, I was so discouraged by this place and Oakleys that I almost sold off all I had. I even sold some Mars and Craters..If it wasn’t for a couple of people here, I might’ve quit hanging around here and quit buying Oakleys altogether. That ‘Purge’ is the reason I’ll be lucky if I’m near 200. I last counted before M-Experiment and I was at 170 something. I really doubt I bought 30 pairs in the last 5-6 months. I’ve even sold some pairs, and gave away some too. :cool:🤙
I am around 300...
At 100 I could clean them and the cabinet twice a year and it was easy
At 200 I could get about half done twice a year and now 3 cabinets to clean so they all got done once a year
At 300 I now have really cool pairs I have nowhere to display them for the lack of another cabinet or two though 4 cabinets are packed to the point any more in them would look bad. It took me all year to trudge my way through cleaning them but just tonight got the last of them done and packed in a box for now. I am also at the stage of trying different things to seal off my cabinets from dust because the ones I did at the first of the year need doing again. Rubber seals seem to work but are kinda hard to work with keeping them on when opening and closing the doors and I have mini air filters in each case which help but don't fix it.

I feel I am at my number... I have become allot more selective on what I add and what new models I start collecting. It kills me I have pairs I want showing front and center packed away. Until I can get more space and figure out dust control a little better my vote is 300

Then M-Experriment comes along and I am close to already needing a cabinet just for them.... :headbang:
Just send those that don’t fit to me. I got room to display them in my double wide 😂