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Which Do You Prefer? Juliet Or X-Squared


Oakley Expert
Just wanting to get a discussion going guys (and gals). I have owned both , through all my time collecting i have owned actually 3 pairs of juliets and I have always ended up selling them off cause i just didn't care for them. But i have 4 pairs of xsquared and i absolutely love them, they are more agressive and cover more area than the juliets.
I have numerous pairs of juliets, XX, Romeo's etc..... I believe a persons facial geometry changes how glasses look. Take for example large frame pairs, a person with a small face can't pull it off, and they look silly. Yet let a larger face wear them and thumbs up.... I believe one of the more aggressive looking x metal frames is the Juliet or XX Tio2 model. The juilet had straight ear stems and the XX had the hammer stems which I believe took an agreesive look on someone. Just the colorway of these frames were totally awesome.

I can pull off wearing Juliets, X squared, XX and Romeo 2 without an issue. Put me in Romeo 1 and I cant do them justice.....
my favorite is the XX . . .
the X-Squared is pretty cool!
and the Juliets doesn´t fit my funny face.
I have tried on juliet's and thought they were cool, but I like the x squared...looks much more aggressive and I just like frames shaped like that.
I own both of them and i love both of them equally. I wear the Juliet more because I love the ruby color in it but I lately have been wearing the X-Squared a lot just to change it up and I incredibly happy with them. My only issue with the squared is that the arms are thinner and seem to be a little bit more frail than its predecessor... Even still I don't think I could pick one over the other.

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