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  1. Allright guys, time for me to decide on which Gearbox i'm going to go with to add to my watch collection. I already have my Holeshot SI for work, Hollow Point (black) for nice occasions, and a Minute Machine Diamond Edition for formal occasions (such as when i'm in my dress blues). Now I am looking for a semi-formal/everyday casual watch. My Holeshot SI is all black and I don't feel is "dressy" enough, and the other two are titanium which may be a little much in certain occasions. So I have settled on the Gearbox, and have narrowed down to two choices I feel fit what i'm looking for best. Either the black/tn face, or the white face. Most people are telling me black/tan, but what do you think?
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  2. Oh and if any of you kind Oakley guys would like to post pictures for me, i'd be much obliged
  3. tavers

    tavers Oakley Expert

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    google images have plenty of pictures.

    Personally I'd go for the white
  4. Yeah i'm aware Google has images...

    I can't post here because i'm not a Premium Member, so I was asking if anyone who could want to, then I would be grateful. White is a solid choice as well