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  1. flyer

    flyer Oakley Expert

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    There are dozens of Os out there, and dozens of colourways and lens shades.
    Which Oak works best for you?

    I'm an avid cyclist, and use Racing Jackets, Radars and M frames.
    The Ms are the best of 'em, and I'll ya why.
    -easiest of the three to swap out lenses. I still avoid changing out Radars, they're sooo frustrating.
    -easiest to clean; the nosebomb comes off quickly and the "frameless" design let's the lens wipe off easy.
    -best view; the thin brow and "frameless" design allow unimpeded forward vision, even in the drops on the bars.

    The RJs are heavier, and difficult to clean with the lenses still in the frame. Removing the lenses is just another step that's not necessary with Ms. I find that despite excellent eye coverage and protection, the RJs fog up on humid or really strenuous days, unless using vented lenses.

    The Radars are my second choice, but that fixed nosepiece is a PITA to clean around, and lens removal is a nightmare for me with my gorilla fingers. I usually end up with more smudges and goobers on the lens trying to remove/replace it, than I had before cleaning.

    What's your best Oak for the job?
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  2. Raptor

    Raptor Oakley Enthusiast

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    When I'm out cycling I prefer my jawbones/racing jacket over the radars
  3. i am rich

    i am rich The Silly Collector!

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    I use M frames for riding. I had a Radar that I used to use for riding as well.
  4. Jonathan

    Jonathan Oakley Beginner

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    I Play some golf and i used to ware my M frames but there getting a bit old now and im afraid of breaking something when i change the lens, So i use half jackets now there ok but the field of vison is better with the M frame. Might have to get a newer pair m frame's now.