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Which Oakley sunglasses would you recommend that is stylish as well as functional?

Oakle y

Something Something Darkside
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Alberta, Canada
Without knowing what kind of glasses you are looking for it would be near impossible to narrow it down to 1 specific pair. There are several options that would lead in many different directions frame wise.
Are you looking for fashion or sport?
Based on your user name I am assuming your looking for women's frames?
Narrow or wide face?

All Oakley lenses generally meet the same basic requirements in terms of quality and safety (ie. impact resistance, distortion)
As generally as possible I would lean towards frogskins, holbrooks, or maybe silver's. These are all men's frames but can easily be worn by a women as they are not exceptionally manly in any way.


The Legend - - Vlad the Impaler
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The Castle
As stated by @Oakle y ......without knowing if you want full coverage/don't care about coverage....it's really difficult to give you a specific frame based on that question..... if you were a guy asking the question I'm sure the answer would be Juliets or any varying O-matter frame.....

A little hint please?

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