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Which TF Eyepatch Do I Have?


African in the United Kingdom
London, England
Seeing some talk about TF eyepatches got me wondering as to which pair I have! the one bird or two bird version?

Right orbital:

Left orbital:
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ha! it's a minor difference, but could mean a lot to some other there. =) it's like the Flores 1.0, and it's 2 different icons as well. =) i'm contented to have just a single version of each.
Ya, I'd love to have the orange icon DFI but the gunmetal version I have complete the artist series for me. I don't feel you need two small variations of the same frame to be complete. IF you have a TF Eyepatch, you have a TF eyepatch, regardless of whether it has two birds or one. Just my 0.02.