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  1. Oakmeister

    Oakmeister Oakley Enthusiast

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    at the end of this voting, I hope to get a clear advantage/disadvantage between the two.
    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. OakleyGuru379

    OakleyGuru379 What is that thing?!

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    I never liked the Romeo, and like the half X, it looks like it doesnt belong. I am all for the XX.
  3. i am rich

    i am rich The Silly Collector!

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    Romeo, badder asser.
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  4. washi me sensie

    washi me sensie The Oakley R┼Źnin

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    Romeo FTW!!! think about - mission impossible!!
  5. OdiHanin

    OdiHanin Oakley Enthusiast

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    First buy would be romeo 1.0
    Second would be the mars
    Then the list will go down do
    XX, juliet, xsquare then last, half x
  6. reggavegga

    reggavegga Oakley Expert

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    plus 1 for me exact same list.....
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  7. thisguy

    thisguy Oakley Expert

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    Depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking to wear them I like the fit of the XX better. If you want a cooler look pair of shades then R1. In the end I would go with the R1, they seem harder to come by.
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  8. Rays

    Rays Oakley Expert

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    If I can turn back time,I will buy all Romeo1all frame color and then XX x-metal at #4
    ...#2 Pitboss 1
    #3 Juliet
  9. This is the same question I've been asking myself all year, knowing that I'll be looking to buy when my tax return comes in.

    For me personally I view these as the pros and cons of both (Just IMO here, so do your research)


    No flex coupler, can be user serviced easily
    Large frame, better vertical coverage than XX if they fit you
    Stronger resale market, generally speaking

    Requires extra care when taking on/off to avoid lens cracks, lenses sometimes won't fit without modification (even OEM)
    Generally more expensive by $100 or so than XX, depending on colorway/condition
    Difficult to wear all day for some people
    Out of production longer, harder to find OEM replacement parts


    More OEM colorways to choose from than R1
    More in the market so generally less $$$ than R1
    OEM lenses still available in limited colorways

    Flex coupler means most people will need to send them out for tune-ups
    Prices can vary greatly depending on colorway

    For me right now the decision is easy. I'll be looking for an XX because I can still buy lenses direct from Oakley. While custom cuts are always an option being able to buy direct and only pay once makes much more sense to me. Add to that the 24k and TiO2 colorways for the XX and that seals the deal for me. For now at least, we have great forum members that can tune up an XX no problem for even less than what Oakley would charge and you'll have a pair that will be good as new with no worries of cracking a custom cut set of lenses.

    In the end both are great pairs, you just have to decide which one fits your lifestyle better if you aren't able to get both.
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  10. Supero100

    Supero100 Oakley Enthusiast

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    Buying to wear or collect?

    Wear: Whichever fits better. Or makes you look more badass. Your fingerprint.

    Collect: There are limited edition Romeos that are huge $, but often available if you want to pay the cost; if you were trying to collect a pair, get a XX Plasma/Ice. More rare than hen's teeth. They'll be spendy too.