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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by Razerwire, 9/8/11.

  1. Razerwire


    Oakley Sunglasses

    Not sure if they're the 0.1s.

    The logo on ear stems seem kind of iffy.

    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. RetinaBurn


    I'm no expert on Zero's, but those look like 0.1's. The logos on the earstems look legit, check some of the other Zeros's on O-Review. They look like the real deal to me.

  3. Razerwire


    Yeah I checked on O-Review and from their pics the logo of the white O seems pretty clear but on the ones being sold I dunno if it's supposed to be an O that's scratched up or what.

  4. S-works


    Need better pics, to be honest...

    from the looks of it... it looks legit, ear stems look correct, perhaps the "oakley" logo is scratched up over time and abuse.
    And they look like 0.4, with the oval lenses.
    0.1 lenses were smaller and rounder.

  5. Hed568


    i have to agree with s-works on this... it is oval in shape... i'll say it is a 0.4 with 90% certainty

  6. Juleye Exclusive Eyewear

    Juleye Exclusive Eyewear

    I can absolutely say these are 0.4's. You can distinguish them by the shape of the lens. But also, you can see a little of matte above the lenses. Which is absolutely no 0.1

  7. Razerwire


    I'm still trying to determine what the earstem used to look like because from what I can tell on those pics it says "Oakley" instead of the elliptical O.

    The 0.4 pic on the O-Review shows the white O.

  8. S-works


    pre 1997 (if i recall the year correctly) zeroes have "oakley" on the ear stems, after which they switched to the elliptical "O"

    even the word "oakley" had variations. '93 to '95 had the squarish stretched "o" in "oakley", then it went to a stretched oval "o" later.
    before '93, on Sub Zeroes, they used the retro "oakley" fonts, same fonts as u see on Frog Skins today.

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