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White Icons On The Radar?


Oakley Beginner
Hi all

Im curious to know if Oakley sells any Radars with white icons, I've looked through the customs site and there seem to be none.
Isn't white a popular enough color?

Thought the radars worn by Levi look pretty neat, hoping to customize a similar pair.

Also, what are the color of the lenses? Im guessing Ruby Iridium which is not available yet without getting the Echelon Radars.

Do correct me if Im wrong:)

Might as well find out the color combination here too..
first and last picture looks like +red
but on the second picture i would say it´s could be fire vented or the ruby VR50 version . . . but it could be the angle
some athletes get the stuff :eek:)
are the pics from the same day?!?
o_O and I thought the first two pictures had the same lens!

I agree that the angle does make a big difference, the first 2 pictures were from le Tour, so I guess they are likely the same lenses, the last is another race.

But seriously, are there really no white icons??
the second picture looks for me like vented lenses....
that´s why i think it´s a different lens?!

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