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  1. thatoakleyguy

    thatoakleyguy Oakley Enthusiast

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    So there's this sketch little gas station up the road from where I work and I spotted a 2.0 display driving by one day. I wen in and immediately knew he was selling fakes, and I may or may not have reported it.

    Went in a few weeks ago and noticed now he had knives and stuffed animals inside of it. I stopped by today and saw who I assumed was the owner and asked him where he got the display. I guess he misunderstood me bc he went on this rant how "they" came in and told him his were fakes bc they were from China. Of course he played innocent to me saying he didn't know and how the Chinese company screwed him over too. He said they took all his stock and said they'd press charges if he continued.

    I asked what he wanted for the case and he said 400. So I got his number and I told him I'd be in touch. My fiancé would kill me if I bought it one month before the wedding.

    So I need one of you to buy my 1.0 double wide or PayPal me the money so I can pick this up for you haha.

    This isn't a selling thread haha just wanted to share a good deal and story.

    I'm in Danville, va if anyone is close by
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  2. gs300

    gs300 Oakley Collector

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    Black double wide?
  3. Ryan_C

    Ryan_C Oakley Beginner

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    You must be real close to VIR (Virginia International Raceway). To bad I haven't been back. I have been down there for 2 HPDE with my ITR. Lots of fun, and never realized I could have come across such a deal, maybe next time I will drive my truck down.

    P.S. I have my wedding coming up too, so I might be murdered if I came home with one of these too.
  4. JayMann

    JayMann Oakley Collector

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    Wedding or no wedding man up and go get it!!...If she's a good lady and knows how much your into this stuff and that its a good deal she'll understand!????? lol