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Whos marksan81 on feebay?


If you are not falling, you are not learning.
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Dublin, Ca
Not familiar. But then I only know a couple peeps, on there from here.
Whats up?


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Made in USA
He's now selling a X Metal parts package that features what appears to be a mixture of Chinese-made stamped "Made in USA" ear socks & temple shocks -- those ones made of low quality silicone, that are shaped different, don't fit well and come in many colors -- along with probable Chinese-made screws, washers, etc., and is claiming all of it "Entirely Made in the USA" in the description .... pffffffft.

He's tricked over 40 people now. This guy has no ethics. We started our relationship by him copying one of my ebay listings word for word -- even with my company name in it -- and I had to send him a C&D letter to make change ... now he's flat out deceiving people o_O

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