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Why 8 Lens Replacement Options?


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I could use some advice on what to do with these. Attached are a bunch of pics of my Why 8.1's. I've always liked this pair, and bought them new in about 2005 or 2006, worn almost daily since then. The frames are mint and I have new extra nose pads and ear socks on hand. The lenses on the other hand are fractured around each mounting screw hole, unfortunately, as these have no scratches and were well cared for, given the frequency of use as my everyday pair.
For weeks, I've looked into lens replacement, and one option I've found is Tajima. I spoke with Steve there, and he was very helpful. But it gets a little tricky...

If I send these in to Tajima, they would do a pattern trace on the exact lens shape, cut new lenses, and install, which is great. However, I would like to change to the Why 8.2 lens shape instead of an exact duplicate of my 8.1 shape (Best of my knowledge, the 8.0, 8.1 and 8.2 all shared the same frames). The problem is they don't have the 8.2 lens shape saved in their system, so they can't run a program to cut 8.2's. They also don't have the 8.1 either, hence why I would need to send them in.

So the question is, should I stuff these back in a drawer for another day, or maybe try a different route? I was gifted a new pair of Savitars recently, as my new everyday pair, so this is not urgent. The pics labeled as "8.1 current" are mine, the pic labeled "8.2 reference" is one pulled from online. Thanks!

Oakley 8.1 Pic 1.jpg

Oakley 8.1 Pic 2.jpg

Oakley 8.1 Pic 3.jpg

Oakley 8.1 Pic 7.jpg

Oakley 8.1 Pic 8.jpg

Oakley 8.2 Reference Pic 1.jpg
Chris is THE MAN if it comes to lenses.
Thanks again! My only reservation is if the next set of lenses are polycarbonate that they will just fracture again. A great looking rimless design, but very weak. As best as I can remember, these started to crack about 10 years ago, and just got worse and worse.

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