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Why Are Oakley Sunglasses So Great?


Oakley Beginner
Many of you have probably seen this before, but I thought it was a neat little video. Saw it on the side of a website just now and figured I would share.

It’s even more impressive if you get the opportunity to see it in person. They also have a laser and camera test to show visual clarity. Oakley makes the best optics on the planet! Physics elevated to an art form!
ya i love seeing that stuff. makes me feel even better when you drop money on a pair. go to any o-store and ask them to demonstrate if you want, we will bang the hell of them to prove our point haha
They are nice, I seen several videos comparing them to Ray-Ban and Maui Jim. Not to bad mouth those brands but Oakleys tend to be a bit more better IMO.

Ray-Bans customer service is terrible and the quality isn't that great for the price. Ray-Bans are ok glasses though they are more for style and tradition rather than functionality and the clarity is decent but less than Oakley and MJ IMO.

Maui Jim is great and offers great customer service they'd be the biggest rival to Oakley IMO. I just don't really like any of the styles MJ sells otherwise I'd own a pair of those as well.

Also Maui Jim isn't designed for high speed impacts or durability like Oakleys are. But the clarity on the MJ lenses are really top notch. (All of them are polarized that could be good or bad depending on how your eyes are)

Also "Natives" are pretty good for people who want more features at a lesser price of Oakley. But the quality isn't as good and they are made overseas. (Most models come standard in Polarized)

I love Oakley because I've worn them all my life and I just love the customer service and quality I get with them. I seem to get all the pros with them. They have high durability, impact resistant, Very high optical clarity and awesome customer service also made in the USA and selection is pretty good. They are also a well established company and are known and be around for a long time, you know you get a great product when you buy a pair of Oakleys. They are pricey but well worth it IMO. All the little things that Oakley does right really makes them the better buy for me personally.
Hey I just gave my opinion on Oakley vs the rest which is what I think the OP wanted. :)

Maui Jim is good, just like the guy said. They're pretty bland and boring in terms of style. Opinions may vary.
Yeah my Aunt likes her maui jims, I think on at least two occasions she flat out said her glasses are better and most expensive than Oakleys then I told her the truth and she 180'ed and said "oh thats too expensive" Funny huh?