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Why does my clear coat looked cracked


Oakley Beginner
Bought a new pair of M Frames on eBay from a trusted buyer. Everything looked great. Came with a shaded and clear lens. Shaded lens looked clear and worked amazing. Then I tried out the clear lens for some home renovating. And as soon as the humidity hit them they started look like they have cracks all over. Brand new lens. First time I've ever worn them. Will attach pictures. Is this common for these to have a defect like that out of the box or did I get myself a lemon. Also have some slight cracking similar to the clear on the tops of my shaded. Never noticed it until I really started looking. Not a big concern for me but will the same thing also happen with the shaded?


If you live near the bunker you can take them in to the warranty department. They usually don’t make a fuss about stuff like that and help you out right away, usually free of charge. If your not, go to your local store, make sure the lens and frame you have is “in stock/rotation” and they “might” be able to help you.

I had some golf lenses that started delaminate and they told me that my color frame was discontinued so they couldn’t help me.