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Why is it so complicated to communicate with a Sales Rep for Oakley?

Robert G. Diaz

Oakley Beginner

My name is Robert Diaz and I manage the Ship Store / Tackle Shop / Parts Department for Marinemax here at The Ocean Reef Club. We have tried on multiple occasions to reach Oakley via phone and email (probably 10 times combined) and I have yet to receive a reply.
I did receive an email stating something along the lines of that someone from Oakley would contact us "if" Oakley feels that we are good fit. I can understand that. Everyone has expectations and wants to be represented well but what I do not understand is why have I not received a call back. We too only sign on with and do business with companies that are a "good fit". The fact that we have not received any communication back from Oakley is insulting. Had you guys contacted us and after some discussion determined that we were not a good fit then I could understand but to not even reach out is something else altogether.
If you are not familiar with who we are, we are Marinemax and we are 69 locations strong.

Our location is located in Key Largo Florida.
We operate in and service the community of The Ocean Reef Club.
We are a full service Marina and Boat Dealership. We carry everything from ice to apparel to parts to bait to beer. The list goes on. We currently carry 3 lines of sunglasses. Two entry level brands and Costa Del Mar as our premier line. We have done extremely well with Costa Del Mar and we think that it is time that we add another premier line. We have a couple other manufacturers in mind but before a decision was made we wanted to speak to someone from Oakley. We only plan on adding one more line.

We have done our research and the nearest Oakley dealer to us is the West Marine in Key Largo which is about a 30 minute ride from here. Besides that West Marine is servicing the general public in Key Largo and we cater "only" to the members of the Ocean Reef community. This a very exclusive club. It is a playground for the rich and famous. Whether or not we sign up with you guys is irrelevant, it is just that I don't understand how come we have not received a response after putting forth so much effort in reaching you. We are not mad at Oakley because we know that any "human" would understand where we are coming from but we do believe that your system is broken...... the communication window is closed....... We hope to hear from you.
Thank you for your time,
Robert G. Diaz
305-367-3969 Office
305-218-6255 Mobile

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M Frame Lover
Clarkston/Romeo MI

Not sure if you're posting this in order to contact a rep; I think we have a few here that might be able to help, but this site is in no way affiliated with Oakley. This is a public forum for collectors and enthusiasts.

Best of luck!


Oakley Expert
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Oakley has been working on reducing the number of accounts that they have (or at least north of the border). They're trying to get rid of accounts that just carry small amounts of product and don't represent the entire line (clothing, goggles, footwear, accessories). They may hear "marine store" and think it will be really low volume and a small case with a handful of glasses. Just my 2 cents.


you know, the thing!
It is extremely difficult to get dealer status these days.
Oakley probably wants to see a business plan, sales over the last few years, and a bunch of other stuff.
Best thing to do is ask someone who is already a dealer who their rep is and reach out directly to him.

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