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Discussion in 'Intro's' started by andr3, 5/4/18.

  1. andr3


    Mh, quite a wall of text for an introduction. What people post on the interwebz these days... :whistle:

    I got my first Square Wires 2.0 SH (Silver / Fire Iridium) in 2002. Lost them in a tragic train accident - a backpack fell on my head.
    I loved them so much that I got the exact same model again, which I wore for many years (with lens replacement due to driving a convertible for a while, which scratched them up good) until the spring hinge on one of the ear stems broke. Oakley said they don't make them anymore and they can't fix it, but they'll give me 30% on any other pair.

    I customized Minute 2.0 (Polished Black / Tungsten Iridium) at our Oakley store. First I got polarized lenses, but I had them replaced by non-polarized after a single day. I don't like the effect polarized lenses have on window reflections. It made me nauseous. Everybody says polarized are better. I agree to disagree.
    I was sceptic about Minute 2.0 at first, since all O-Matter models at the time seemed a bit bulky (these were the least bulky) and less elegant compared to Wires. However, it turned out this was going to be the best pair in overall performance I ever had: They fit perfectly, shielded any ingress light from the sides, were light, looked good and the tungsten lenses were amazing! A soothing brown that makes you happy, a touch lighter than Gold Iridium (same bronze base lens), no pink pinch as in VR28. Put them on even on a gray day: Bam! Instant good vibes.
    Minutes perform well in sports and are not as aggressive as most active models, which makes them great as casual shades as well. I wore them for everything, climbing, cycling or in the street.
    ...until an ear stem broke. Damn you Oakley, again? Why do you make me fall in love and then break my... ear stem? Of course, Oakley didn't sell them anymore and didn't have any replacement parts in stock.
    Idiotically, I traded them in at Oakley again for another 30% discount. Idiotically not because of what I got next, but because I can't seem to find the same model again, which is not a huge surprise since I had customized it. Had I been smart enough to look for a replacement on Ebay or known about this forum...

    Next I got customized Half Jacket. I choose the same colorway as the Minute. The Oakley dude just ignored my request and inserted my beloved tungsten lenses into a mat brown transparent (root beer maybe?) frame with golden icons. Try this frame, I only have two left, he said. He was right. Much better.
    In terms of sports performance, they match the Minute. But they are bit too aggressive for my taste for everyday all-day use. I love them, though. I hope they never break, because, of course, Oakley doesn't make them anymore.

    After two years I felt I need to get something more classy again and got myself some Square Wires 2.0 again. Since I learned I liked bronze base lenses much better than the green of Fire Iridium, I got Platinum / Gold Iridium combination off of Ebay this time - and no springe hinges to break. Very nice pair.

    And then recently Juliet and Penny happened to me. It wasn't my fault, I am telling myself.
    Wow, you're still reading? Cheers, mate :drinks:

    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. BigRabbit

    BigRabbit Premium Member Lifetime Member

    Great intro and welcome bro
    andr3 likes this.

  3. Great end to a great intro. X metals rock.
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  4. QLR1

    QLR1 Premium Member


    Sent from Q's S8+
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  5. iamFLIP


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  6. Fernando

    Fernando Premium Member

    Holaaaaa :twitch:

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  7. "TRUMP"

    "TRUMP" Premium Member

    Welcome. Nice writing.

    You can currently find minute 2.0's pretty cheap on ebay....but you wont find that colorway since its custom.

    ....and not everyone favors polarized lenses. I'm not a fan of them and there are a few other members here who prefer non-polar.

    Fernando likes this.

  8. Riga Mortis

    Riga Mortis

    Hi welcome

  9. cacatman

    cacatman Premium Member Lifetime Member

    Awesome bro!! Oakley addiction is bittersweet. It's sweet because we get to enjoy Oakleys we could never have afforded when we were kids. But it's bitter, because there's no end to collecting. Welcome!
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  10. MatSteelersFan

    MatSteelersFan Premium Member Lifetime Member

    Welcome great intro!

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