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Will The Artwork Ever Wear Off?


Oakley Expert
Oceanside, Oregon
I would say its very likely-I mean the tech of applying that to the O-Matter has come a long way but the laws of friction say that enough touching and rubbing will cause loss. I know that with my Tron Pit Boss o won't be touching the arms where the graphics are to prevent that so that's the best advice I would toss out there

The Game

Oakley Collector
i would only about something like the art chantry wearing off (sweat or friction) but i do have a pair of global gascans that has started to wear and i believe the london police and frank koziks were done the same way


Friend of the Frog
London, UK
I always worried about my David Flores Gascan, so I sold before it could happen. The Sales Rep Text Gascan, the print wore straight off.

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