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Will the discontinuation of the watch line cause values to increase?

Will the discontinuation of the watch line cause values to increase?

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Font of Useless Knowledge
Austin, TX
Time for some speculation...

I like Oakley watches, own a couple, and would love to add a MM and HP one day. But I've argued before, compared to the general watch market Oakley watches are just too overpriced MSRP. Awesome styling, but way too much of a markup for it. But that's beside the point...

What is relevant is that the "overpriced" statement is upheld by the resell market; Oakley watches, even those in like-new condition, always resell for less than MSRP.

The only exception I know of is the FMJ. The LE Gold TB, IDK - it MSRP'd for $25K and I've never seen one resold, or at least for how much. So maybe that one, too.

But all others go for less.

But now Oakley has discontinued the watch line; there will never be any more. Will that reverse the trend and cause them to actually go up in value, above MSRP?

Personally I would say no. I point to the fact that a number of Oakley watch models have been discontinued before this, and being discontinued did not increase their value. Why would that change because these last models have been discontinued too?

But I could be wrong; maybe the fact that there's no new product line anymore will make a difference.

Time will tell, but if anybody wants to speculate and/or argue their thoughts, here's your chance...

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