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  1. Robert McWhirter

    Robert McWhirter Oakley Beginner

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    I have several different styles of Oakleys all with optional replacement lenses. I called Oakley customer service to ask about obtaining replacements for the Wiretap (New). Even though the New Wiretap was only released in 2013 I was told that it is already discontinued and that there were no replacement lenses available. Does anyone know where some might be obtained? I am specifically looking for the OO Black Iridium Polarized.
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  2. Vrexx

    Vrexx Oakley Expert

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    Usually the Vault stores keep replacement lenses for quite a while after they are discontinued, if they ever sold replacement lenses separately for that frame. If not, we have quite a few talented people on the forums that would be able to cut you a custom pair from a donor lens. (InfiniteHero, Dr. Chop, XMetalManiac, etc)