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Discussion in 'Oakley Frogskins Discussion' started by FrogTastic, 7/28/11.

  1. FrogTastic


    If you were to chose one Frogskin, out of them all, to add to your collection and money wasnt an issue.

    Which would it be? Be specific, If its a Paterson - which one?

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  2. FrogTastic


    Mine would be the MODA3, although I have the Atmos. Its just not the same.

    Wishlist - moda3.jpg



    Aside from all the one off Frogs that Oakley staffers have in their desk draws, the one that I would want is the Blends. IMO it is the most unique and coolest out of all the current releases. I would need a mint to get ahold of one of the Blends but perhaps I will one day.

  4. Oakley413


    I love all of the Paterson but my favorites are 48,14,8,3. Also love the blends...

    I dont think I could choose just one

  5. The Game

    The Game

    Anti freeze

  6. JDubs


    Anti Freeze

    I would also like the Anti Freeze Frog Skins as I have the radars in that color but would love these as well!!

  7. Jupiter


    Wishlist - 5728210787_b8fd1d1f4f.jpg


    Wishlist - o-ak-ley-sunglasses-frogskins-shaun-white-blue-chrome-6b7e4.jpg

  8. Oakley413


    I also agree with jupiter. I have the Eastern Boarder but would love the Shaun Whites

  9. The Game

    The Game

    what is this?

  10. jiveSEVEN


    Mike Posner 3D frogskins

    Wishlist - 2agq5xd.jpg

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