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  1. Ventruck

    Ventruck Oakley Expert

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    Or Racing Jacket/Jawbone in particular? He was wearing one the whole time.

    Then again I think Wiggins was wearing a yellow Radarlock last year and we got nothing out of it. Fwiw Hideki Matsuyama (golfer) was featured on the Japanese Oakley site with a yellow Radarlock pair also.
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  2. Patient_Cero

    Patient_Cero Oakley Collector

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    It's pretty routine the last half dozen years or more the yellow jersey leader/winner wear a yellow frame from Oakley if sponsored. The TDF edition glasses for purchase each year are announced prior to the start and are anything but yellow.
  3. mpmcgaughey

    mpmcgaughey Oakley Enthusiast

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    Yeah any of the yellow frames you see in the TdF are the same Team Yellow ones you can get through custom. This year, instead of doing a Retina Burn, Atomic Orange, Antifreeze, BMX Chrome or something cool like Phantom of the Aqua or Ultraviolet they opted for a TdF collection :(