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  1. stoudty1

    stoudty1 Oakley Beginner

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    <begin rant >

    A woman at work was looking for a pair of sunglasses. Knowing that I was into Oakley's she asked me. We talked for a week about them as she did research online. I come in yesterday and she shows them to me. As I'm looking at them, she says they were only $20!!! She was proud of herself for getting a pair so cheap. Inside the frame it says "made in Italy". I don't have the heart to tell her they are fake. She is so excited. Even came with fake cleaning cloth and case. She could have spent a little more and gotten something from the vault. Makes me sad that she did this, and angry that people produce fake merchandise.

    <end rant>
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  2. Batwolf

    Batwolf Double Team Premium Member

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    You could kindly tell her they're fake, but do you really want to be that guy?

    Next time someone asks your opinion, let them know the best sites to look at and let them know the danger of fakes.
  3. hollygrove

    hollygrove Oakley Beginner

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    My buddy did the exact same thing, asked all these questions and then ended up buying the fakest radars you will ever come across, no nose Rubber, frame wasn't even completely painted.lol. Little o on the lens and those tacky cloths n cases. From china! Unlike you though I did have the heart n told him he was an idiot.lol
  4. Menendez1293

    Menendez1293 Oakley Enthusiast

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    :laugh: but to the op that sucks. I feel that you should kindly let her know. Heck if I knew nothing about oakleys and bought a fake I would like to know.
  5. Uluahunter

    Uluahunter Oakley Collector

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    I would break the news to her. Being that she originally talked to you before actually making her ill fated decision, I'd feel sort of obligated to let her know the mistake she made. Not saying that you gave her the wrong advice (we know you didn't), but just to stop her from thinking she got a genuine Oakley product when she didn't. Also to prevent her from buying more, and possibly passing on the wrong advice to her friends and family...word travels fast.
  6. xmetalmaniac

    xmetalmaniac Made of Metal Premium Member Lifetime Member

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    I also agree you should let her know. Especially that you collect them, have knowledge about them, etc. What if she wanted different lenses , or something. She would then realize they were fake. Do the right thing, help her out....
  7. Rustpot

    Rustpot M Frame Lover Premium Member

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    Made in Italy?

    I would tell her. She likely won't care and $20 is all she really wanted to spend and she got a trendy looking set. Most people I talk to about glasses are of the "why would I pay more than $10 for something I'll break or lose in a month?" and kind of tune off when I start talking about UV protection, glare reduction, etc.

    I seem to recall someone talking about how Oakley had trouble breaking into women's frames because they're more of a performance label rather than fashion, and women would rather go buy a Nike pair or a cheaper performance pair if that was the intended use instead of buying an accessory.

    Just think about how big costume jewelry is. Not super cheap stuff, but buying stuff with fake stones because it looks good with X pair of shoes.
  8. O-man

    O-man Oakley Beginner

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    Ah that sucks. I always feel extremely awkward around people if I realize they are wearing fake oakleys. Happens to me all the time. It's always the worst when they are so proud of them and love showing them off.

    Oh well sometimes you have to break some hearts and shatter some dreams.
  9. qBan

    qBan The Hijinxer

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    i say tell her. in case she ever finds out, better coming from you since you already talked to her about oakleys.
  10. Mrs H

    Mrs H First Lady of Oakley Forum (IG mrshandmollymoo)

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    I would totally tell her!!
    Its only 20$ after all.....
    Plus, if she needs advice again you will be her trusted go-to guy!
    I would wanna know.