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Woodland Camos :/

So... sadly... i have a family wedding coming up at the end of this week...
having to get my daughter stuff for the wedding,and just things in general...
not including the wife..
i have not been able to find it in my budget to pick up a pair of King's Camos.
and...to top it off... white-tail season began this week...
it genuinely upsets me that i don't/ might not have these in time for my next hunt this year.

Also...i have a pair of BNIB Fast Jacket XLJ's that i picked up for someone and they never payed me
for... I could of almost bought 2 pairs of Radars for that price. It's really f*cking upsetting.

Is this a rant section? haha...

Everyone search your local craigslist and track down a pair for me!!!! lol...
just kidding sort of.

anyone have a pair of desert or woodland camo's?
y'all prefer a specific one? i'm leaning towards woodland...