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WooHoo. My first post!

Rotten Ronnie

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Kreepsville, USA
Welcome... glad you joined us...

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So let's see...what to tell...I fractured my jaw when I was 15. See, I was riding my RAD BMX bike with my new Oakley 3 grips. I was wearing gloves for the first time and jumped off the curb; at least that was the plan. The gloves were sticky, the grips were sticky. I tried to adjust my hand and the "sticky" finally let go as I went off the curb, The front end snapped the other direction and I flipped going chin first into the street. That was 1982.

Now I have like 20 pairs of sunglasses, like 4 Rx ones (needing glasses makes the regular sunglasses useless to me), 2 wallets, a bunch of clothes, and 4 watches.

Oh, I had five Jettas and used to go by Johnny. Thus the goofy username.
Welcome! Hopefully you went on to many other successful bike rides. :D What pairs do you have, and watches? I like XX Twenty, New Straight Jacket 2, Valve 1.0, Minute 2.0, Scar, Fatcat, NSJ, etc.