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  1. bigOak

    bigOak Oakley Beginner

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    So I go into my birthday hoping to expect the best time ever, I'm turning 21 and everything will be great! Well, it wasnt. At least not at first. On the day of, my Facebook page gets pounded with numerous well wishes and such, and hearing over and over again, saying, "Hit me up! We'll do something! for your bday! I'll buy you shots!" but here's where it gets tough. My girlfriend was nice enough to make a cake at her sisters place and put all kinds of candy on it spelling out "happy 21st birthday!" and everything. She kept it a secret and it was perfect! I go to meet up with her and things dont feel right. I find out that she isnt feeling too well and she eventually tells me she's started her time of the month, perfect timing:blink:. Her sister also wasnt feeling well and was so sick she could barely walk, so we had to walk her to the medical center, leaving me carrying my cake in my hands when it starts to drizzle outside.

    Later that night, my gf starts to feel worse and cramp up, so of course I'm going to care for her until she feels better. Me and my best friend planned to go out the night before (wed, 2/1) but he had to work at our vault and needed a zpack (combo pack of medicines) to make it through the day. So we planned on going out that night, didnt happen because he had homework. So I'm waiting in her room, waiting to hear back from all these people who said they'd hit me up to hang out. Didn't happen. After around 11, I get pissed and desperate, so I start asking people to hang out. Everyone either didnt respond or turned me down for the night. I'm thinking ok, well at least I have the weekend still. Not so much. I end up walking home around 11:30 and get back to my room. I end up going to the gas station buy me my first legal drink. Seems like the clerks cared more than my actual friends.

    The next day (fri 2/3), I do find some friends to hang with, but they aren't 21. I appreciate them showing up and we go to a few house parties to chill but I get drunk on my own because everything we went to was very lame. The next day (sat 2/4), I try to salvage what's left of the weekend, so I invite my friends to a get together. Me and one of my friends go half on a large bottle of ciroc, I buy a cigar, but barely anyone shows up. At all. Six to seven of my true friends, and 7 of my friends that I hadnt seen in a while who found out through facebook. So I end up buying all my alcohol on my bday. I just end up getting pissed, and decide to take a break from certain people and things online, deleting my FB profile and staying away from everything (which is why I took a break from here). The only thing that made my weekend better was me going home to my family Sunday night (ruined by the Giants, whom I hate, winnning the SB).

    I feel like I need something to make me feel better, so then go buy that 320gb ps3. As fear gear warned before, the Min Machine will be around and they arent limited, plus I can always use my employee discount. Bring the ps3 home with new games and everything but dont get to try it out till night time, after gamestop closed. The system didnt read any of my discs whatsoever.

    But here's where things get better. I take it back and get get a new one with more memory, 320gb. After that, everything was great. Then I get a tip from a friend of a friend once again. Turns out that this sunday, I'll be ending up with a BNIB with coin X-Metal XX with 2 extra sets of unused lenses for only $200! I appreciate my true friends, but I've learned that for the most part, you can't really depend on most people to do much for you at a certain age. Not saying that I use people at a crutch at all before, but I expect more from "friends". All in all, I'm not pissed anymore, I just take it in stride because I now see who's who and what's what. :big_boss:
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  2. yoshi1984

    yoshi1984 I love working Dispatch

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    If it helps your birthday wasn't worse than my brother's birthday which was pretty non existent. He's in school about 10 years to late for how old he is, he's finally in school for a career had to come back home so his ass didn't deserve **** for his birthday since he takes from my family enough as it is.

    Sorry about your shitty birthday, personally, I stopped caring about my birthday's after my 21st, after that, theres no real point in it to me, i mean what's left to celebrate after your 21? not a whole lot. It's just a birthday, I think they become overrated as you get older and are something to celebrate when your a kid. The older I get, the less I care about birthdays.