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Want to view this complete exchange listing and contact the seller before its too late? Become a Premium Member Today for instant access! Don't miss out!

  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Hey guys,

    Since I have not met the minimum requirements to ask in the proper section, I figured I would try my luck here. I'm looking for a set of Oakley Penny Nosebombs in both Small and Medium sizes. To be honest, I don't know if they ever actually made a large set or not.

    I recently scored a set of Pennys that Mark is currently doing a tune-up and refinish from Plasma to X-Metal for me. The nosebombs that came with them are small, but the issue is that the nosebomb on the left has a slight tear in it that was preventing it from seating properly, and when I would take the glasses off, it would fall off, almost every single time.

    I have found different sets on ebay, but they don't appear to be authentic, and they're also asking almost $60.00 a pop for them, which I can't justify just yet. That being said, if you've got a set in either size, or in just one size, they are in good condition, and you're willing to part with them, please let me know, and I'll be more than willing to take them off of your hands.

    Looking to get them in black only.


    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous 3D Printing Protege

    Read the rules and wait like everyone else
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  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I'm assuming these rules that you were so nice to throw in my face...

    Yeah, I read them thoroughly, but since no one is buying or selling anything that I want at the moment, and I'm only looking for one particular item, I ask you...should I wait maybe a year to be able to ask a simple question, considering I'm not the type of person to just post random, meaningless drivel, OR, should I spam up the board saying "Woah, those are awesome, which I had some of those" just so I can get my 15 posts for that board in?

    Here is a complete thread of the rules which govern the Oakley Forum Exchange sections. Please read through them thoroughly to ensure you follow them.


    1) Authentic Oakley's only - This website is dedicated to authentic Oakley's. Any discussion of counterfeit Oakley's or any other counterfeit products will be closed immediately and users involved will be warned.

    2) Need a Price - You must specify a price when selling a good in the Exchange Areas, if you do not specify a price, your thread will be locked.

    3) Pictures Recommended - It is strongly recommended that you post a picture with your username written on a piece of paper in the picture to confirm your identity, especially if you are new to the exchange areas. This will prove to members that you are real and make the exchange much easier.

    4) Do not post default Oakley picture - if you are selling an item, you must post your own pictures of the goods you are selling. The stock Oakley pictures are not a fair representation of what you are selling.

    5) Do Not Scam - Any user who attempts to sell counterfeit products or scam other users will be immediately banned.

    6) Stay on topic - Please try to stay on topic in the exchange area, people post here to buy/sell/trade items. Discussion about the product in hand pertaining to buying/selling or trading it is great, but try to keep it on topic.

    7) Comment Sold - Once you sell an item, please comment sold, to indicate it is sold. (We should be introducing the ability to change the thread prefix to "Sold" once a transaction is complete soon!)

    8) No Scalping - If you are buying the new products coming out at this time, waiting until they are sold out, and simply attempting to SCALP other members on this forum, that behavior will NOT BE TOLERATED on the forum. If you are doing this, please STOP! It is wrong to simply buy limited edition items, to sell them for profit after they are sold out. If we see this behavior we will contact you and ask you to stop. If this behavior continues, you may be banned.

    9) One Bump per 48 hours max.

    10) Update Listings - There are many times members will post items for sale in this thread and on Ebay, in other words they are dual posting on separate sites. If you are going to do this and your item sells on another site, please update your listing in the Exchange thread so it can be closed. This makes it easier for members to follow threads and have updates. I will periodically PM sellers to find out if their item has sold, if I see the listing is not getting replies or the seller is not following up on it, by either posting the item is still available, it has been sold, price has been lowered, etc, then the thread will be closed. Thanks!!!!

    Terms & Conditions

    1) Any transactions discussed/performed in the Oakley Exchange are the responsibility of the buyers and sellers. Oakley Forums is not responsible for any purchases/transactions performed or discussed in this forum.

    2) Because we are not involved in any transactions performed on this site, we can only recommend, a safe way to perform transactions. Our recommendation, is once you have the transaction planned out, have the seller go to Ebay.com, and create a posting for the items for the agreed price. The buyer can than immediately go on and buy the item. This way the buyer and seller are both protected by Ebay. This is just a recommendation of a way to perform safe transaction. You may perform than in any way you see fit.

    In addition here are some general guidelines to follow in the exchange forums:
    - Sellers:
    - Be prepared when you list your item for sale. Know that none of your friends want it. If you want to give better deals to friends that's fine, send them PM's in advance. Don't offer them to all in an exchange until you are sure
    that none of your friends want what you want to sell.
    - Include pics from the start (not adding later)
    - State your selling price. If you want to list something and see what it will bring then post it to eBay, list it there and bear the associated marketing fees that you don't bear here on this free forum.
    - Honor the first PM'd posting in the FS thread by a responsible buyer with cash in hand. It is your decision whether to honor a request for time to raise funds or move on to the next buyer with funds available. If the first buyer is not qualified, move
    on to the next buyer that PM'd and posted.
    - If you sell some stuff and this is like a revenue stream, why not give back and become a Premium Member or Forum Sponsor?

    - Buyers:
    - When you see an item that you would like to buy, time stamp your offer to purchase with a "PM Sent" posting in the thread and PM the seller that you want to buy at NET listed price.
    - First come, first served. Period
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Frostmonkey Staff Member

    When those are the rules of the forum, yes, that is exactly what you should do.
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous 3D Printing Protege


    Even if you spammed, which said posts would be deleted, you still have to wait 15 days to access the exchange. That's how it works around here. Everyone's had to do it, less the people who've been here since the site was started, so yes, follow the rules.
  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    15 days? I've been here much longer than 15 days, so if that's the case, then maybe it's an issue with the board itself. If there is simply a 15 DAY waiting period, then so be it, however I joined well over 15 days ago.

    Also, and I can't stress enough that I'm not trying to start an argument, I'm simply looking for clarification...

    As, I'm unable to post to the buy and sell board, please explain to me how making a thread in a general discussion board regarding something I was looking for was breaking the rules in any way, shape, or form? I mean, it certainly won't happen again, and I fully understand your logic. The last thing I want to do is piss someone off, however, I waited my 15 days, but I thought it said 15 posts in that board. How is my creating a general topic for a piece in a general discussion board breaking the rules?

    Once again, I am sorry, as I am new here. I'm just trying to get my Pennys in pristine condition. That's all. I never meant to step on someone's toes.
  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous Frostmonkey Staff Member

    It is because it wasn't just a general inquiry or question. It was a WTB thread in the wrong forum.

    Regardless, you know the deal now and I am sure once you have access to the exchange forums someone will be able to hook you up or at least point you in the right direction. It's all good people here.
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  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous 3D Printing Protege

    Buying and selling is only done in the exchange sections. If you don't have access, then you haven't met the requirements. Grab 9 more posts, and then you should have access and can post a thread there. Trying to circumvent the system is going to get you no where
  9. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Thank you, and once again I really do apologize. I wasn't trying to offend anyone, or break the rules. I'm just having an impossible time finding these little rubber suckers.
  10. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Also, I didn't realize that it was 15 posts in general, I thought that it was 15 posts in that specific thread, so once again, I apologize, and I absolutely am at fault. It will not happen again.